Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell
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Lithium–oxygen batteries: bridging mechanistic understanding and battery performance
YC Lu, BM Gallant, DG Kwabi, JR Harding, RR Mitchell, MS Whittingham, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (3), 750-768, 2013
All-carbon-nanofiber electrodes for high-energy rechargeable Li–O 2 batteries
RR Mitchell, BM Gallant, CV Thompson, Y Shao-Horn
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (8), 2952-2958, 2011
Influence of Li 2 O 2 morphology on oxygen reduction and evolution kinetics in Li–O 2 batteries
BM Gallant, DG Kwabi, RR Mitchell, J Zhou, CV Thompson, Y Shao-Horn
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (8), 2518-2528, 2013
Chemical and Morphological Changes of Li–O2 Battery Electrodes upon Cycling
BM Gallant, RR Mitchell, DG Kwabi, J Zhou, L Zuin, CV Thompson, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (39), 20800-20805, 2012
Mechanisms of Morphological Evolution of Li2O2 Particles during Electrochemical Growth
RR Mitchell, BM Gallant, Y Shao-Horn, CV Thompson
The journal of physical chemistry letters 4 (7), 1060-1064, 2013
How coalescing droplets jump
R Enright, N Miljkovic, J Sprittles, K Nolan, R Mitchell, EN Wang
ACS nano 8 (10), 10352-10362, 2014
In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Observations of Electrochemical Oxidation of Li2O2
L Zhong, RR Mitchell, Y Liu, BM Gallant, CV Thompson, JY Huang, ...
Nano letters 13 (5), 2209-2214, 2013
Rate-Dependent Morphology of Li2O2 Growth in Li–O2 Batteries
B Horstmann, B Gallant, R Mitchell, WG Bessler, Y Shao-Horn, MZ Bazant
The journal of physical chemistry letters 4 (24), 4217-4222, 2013
Low temperature synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes with electrical contact to metallic substrates enabled by thermal decomposition of the carbon feedstock
GD Nessim, M Seita, KP O’Brien, AJ Hart, RK Bonaparte, RR Mitchell, ...
Nano Letters 9 (10), 3398-3405, 2009
A technique for spatially-resolved contact resistance-free electrical conductivity measurements of aligned-carbon nanotube/polymer nanocomposites
RR Mitchell, N Yamamoto, H Cebeci, BL Wardle, CV Thompson
Composites science and technology 74, 205-210, 2013
The Kinetics and Product Characteristics of Oxygen Reduction and Evolution in LiO2 Batteries
BM Gallant, YC Lu, RR Mitchell, DG Kwabi, TJ Carney, CV Thompson, ...
The Lithium Air Battery: Fundamentals, 121-158, 2014
Electrochemically-driven transition of crystallization morphologies in Li-O2 batteries
B Horstmann, B Gallant, RR Mitchell, WG Bessler, A Latz, Y Shao-Horn, ...
(Invited) Promises and Limitations of Fluoride in Next-Generation Batteries: From New Reactions to New Interfaces
BM Gallant
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts iba2019, 53-53, 2019
Rate-Dependent Morphology of Li [subscript 2] O [subscript 2] Growth in Li–O [subscript 2] Batteries
B Horstmann, B Gallant, R Mitchell, WG Bessler, Y Shao-Horn, MZ Bazant
American Chemical Society (ACS), 2013
Structure of Li2O2 discharge products on free-standing aligned carbon nanotube electrodes for Li-air batteries
RR Mitchell, BM Gallant, Y Shao-Horn, CV Thompson
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts 222, 1105-1105, 2012
Diffusion-bonded CNT carpets for fundamental CDI studies
R Enright, R Mitchell, H Mutha, C Lv, M Christiansen, CV Thompson, ...
MRS Online Proceedings Library (OPL) 1407, 2012
High-Capacity Nanostructured-Carbon Electrodes for Lithium-Air Batteries
B Gallant, RR Mitchell, Y Shao-Horn, C Thompson
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 424, 2011
Carbon Nanotube Mechanics
R Mitchell, M Mascaro
growth and characterization of carbon Nanotubes for Integrated circuit Interconnects
RR Mitchell, GD Nessim, AF Al-Obeidi, CV Thompson
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