Ho-Kwang Mao
Ho-Kwang Mao
Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research
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Calibration of the ruby pressure gauge to 800 kbar under quasi‐hydrostatic conditions
HK Mao, JA Xu, PM Bell
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 91 (B5), 4673-4676, 1986
Specific volume measurements of Cu, Mo, Pd, and Ag and calibration of the ruby R1 fluorescence pressure gauge from 0.06 to 1 Mbar
HK Mao, PM Bell, JW Shaner, DJ Steinberg
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Superconductivity up to 164 K in (m=1, 2, and 3) under quasihydrostatic pressures
L Gao, YY Xue, F Chen, Q Xiong, RL Meng, D Ramirez, CW Chu, ...
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Hydrogen clusters in clathrate hydrate
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Origin of morphotropic phase boundaries in ferroelectrics
M Ahart, M Somayazulu, RE Cohen, P Ganesh, P Dera, H Mao, ...
Nature 451 (7178), 545-548, 2008
Coesite-bearing eclogite from the Dabie Mountains in central China
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Ultrahigh-pressure transitions in solid hydrogen
H Mao, RJ Hemley
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Pressure-induced amorphization of crystalline silica
RJ Hemley, AP Jephcoat, HK Mao, LC Ming, MH Manghnani
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Bonding changes in compressed superhard graphite
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Raman Spectroscopy of Si Glass at High Pressure
RJ Hemley, HK Mao, PM Bell, BO Mysen
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Superhard monoclinic polymorph of carbon
Q Li, Y Ma, AR Oganov, H Wang, H Wang, Y Xu, T Cui, HK Mao, G Zou
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High-pressure x-ray diffraction of glass
C Meade, RJ Hemley, HK Mao
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Synthesis and characterization of a binary noble metal nitride
E Gregoryanz, C Sanloup, M Somayazulu, J Badro, G Fiquet, H Mao, ...
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Static compression of iron to 300 GPa and Fe0.8Ni0.2 alloy to 260 GPa: Implications for composition of the core
HK Mao, Y Wu, LC Chen, JF Shu, AP Jephcoat
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Synthesis of Novel Transition Metal Nitrides and
AF Young, C Sanloup, E Gregoryanz, S Scandolo, RJ Hemley, H Mao
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Elasticity of MgO and a primary pressure scale to 55 GPa
CS Zha, H Mao, RJ Hemley
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (25), 13494-13499, 2000
Hydrogen storage in molecular compounds
WL Mao, H Mao
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (3), 708-710, 2004
X-ray diffraction and equation of state of hydrogen at megabar pressures
P Loubeyre, R LeToullec, D Hausermann, M Hanfland, RJ Hemley, ...
Nature 383 (6602), 702-704, 1996
Quasi‐hydrostatic compression of magnesium oxide to 52 GPa: Implications for the pressure‐volume‐temperature equation of state
S Speziale, CS Zha, TS Duffy, RJ Hemley, H Mao
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Equation of state and shear strength at multimegabar pressures: Magnesium oxide to 227 GPa
TS Duffy, RJ Hemley, H Mao
Physical Review Letters 74 (8), 1371, 1995
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