Giacomo Baldi
Giacomo Baldi
Department of Physics, University of Trento, Italy
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Sound attenuation at terahertz frequencies and the boson peak of vitreous silica
G Baldi, VM Giordano, G Monaco, B Ruta
Physical review letters 104 (19), 195501, 2010
Role of Disorder in the Thermodynamics and Atomic Dynamics of Glasses
AI Chumakov, G Monaco, A Fontana, A Bosak, RP Hermann, D Bessas, ...
Physical Review Letters 112 (2), 025502, 2014
Evidence for a crossover in the frequency dependence of the acoustic attenuation in vitreous silica
C Masciovecchio, G Baldi, S Caponi, L Comez, S Di Fonzo, D Fioretto, ...
Physical review letters 97 (3), 035501, 2006
Hardware elementary perceptron based on polyaniline memristive devices
VA Demin, VV Erokhin, AV Emelyanov, S Battistoni, G Baldi, S Iannotta, ...
Organic Electronics 25, 16-20, 2015
Revealing the fast atomic motion of network glasses
B Ruta, G Baldi, Y Chushkin, B Rufflé, L Cristofolini, A Fontana, M Zanatta, ...
Nature Communications 5, 2014
First steps towards the realization of a double layer perceptron based on organic memristive devices
AV Emelyanov, DA Lapkin, VA Demin, VV Erokhin, S Battistoni, G Baldi, ...
AIP Advances 6 (11), 111301, 2016
Compressed correlation functions and fast aging dynamics in metallic glasses
B Ruta, G Baldi, G Monaco, Y Chushkin
The Journal of chemical physics 138 (5), 054508, 2013
Heterogeneous and anisotropic dynamics of a 2D gel
D Orsi, L Cristofolini, G Baldi, A Madsen
Physical review letters 108 (10), 105701, 2012
Connection between boson peak and elastic properties in silicate glasses
G Baldi, A Fontana, G Monaco, L Orsingher, S Rols, F Rossi, B Ruta
Physical review letters 102 (19), 195502, 2009
Vibrational excitations in systems with correlated disorder
W Schirmacher, B Schmid, C Tomaras, G Viliani, G Baldi, G Ruocco, ...
physica status solidi (c) 5 (3), 862-866, 2008
Effect of temperature on the vibrational density of states in vitreous SiO 2: A Raman study
S Caponi, A Fontana, F Rossi, G Baldi, E Fabiani
Physical Review B 76 (9), 092201, 2007
Elastic anomalies at terahertz frequencies and excess density of vibrational states in silica glass
G Baldi, VM Giordano, G Monaco
Physical Review B 83 (17), 174203, 2011
Elastic properties of permanently densified silica: A raman, brillouin light, and x-ray scattering study
M Zanatta, G Baldi, S Caponi, A Fontana, E Gilioli, M Krish, ...
Physical Review B 81 (21), 212201, 2010
Emergence of crystal-like atomic dynamics in glasses at the nanometer scale
G Baldi, M Zanatta, E Gilioli, V Milman, K Refson, B Wehinger, B Winkler, ...
Physical review letters 110 (18), 185503, 2013
Thermal conductivity and terahertz vibrational dynamics of vitreous silica
G Baldi, VM Giordano, G Monaco, F Sette, E Fabiani, A Fontana, ...
Physical Review B 77 (21), 214309, 2008
Acoustic excitations in glassy sorbitol and their relation with the fragility and the boson peak
B Ruta, G Baldi, F Scarponi, D Fioretto, VM Giordano, G Monaco
The Journal of chemical physics 137 (21), 214502, 2012
Communication: High-frequency acoustic excitations and boson peak in glasses: A study of their temperature dependence
B Ruta, G Baldi, VM Giordano, L Orsingher, S Rols, F Scarponi, G Monaco
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (4), 041101, 2010
Anharmonic Damping of Terahertz Acoustic Waves in a Network Glass and Its Effect on the Density of Vibrational States
G Baldi, VM Giordano, B Ruta, R Dal Maschio, A Fontana, G Monaco
Physical review letters 112 (12), 125502, 2014
Structural Evolution and Medium Range Order in Permanently Densified Vitreous SiO 2
M Zanatta, G Baldi, RS Brusa, W Egger, A Fontana, E Gilioli, S Mariazzi, ...
Physical Review Letters 112 (4), 045501, 2014
High-frequency dynamics of vitreous GeSe 2
L Orsingher, G Baldi, A Fontana, LE Bove, T Unruh, A Orecchini, C Petrillo, ...
Physical Review B 82 (11), 115201, 2010
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