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Andrey Kartamyshev
Andrey Kartamyshev
Full-time researcher, Van Lang University
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Trích dẫn bởi
Structural, electronic, and transport properties of quintuple atomic Janus monolayers ( O, S, Se, Te): First-principles predictions
NN Hieu, HV Phuc, AI Kartamyshev, TV Vu
Physical Review B 105 (7), 075402, 2022
Oxygenation of Janus group III monochalcogenides: First-principles insights into (, Se, Te) monolayers
TV Vu, VTT Vi, HV Phuc, AI Kartamyshev, NN Hieu
Physical Review B 104 (11), 115410, 2021
Enhanced out-of-plane piezoelectricity and carrier mobility in Janus γ- (/Y= S, Se, Te) monolayers: A first-principles prediction
TV Vu, HV Phuc, AI Kartamyshev, NN Hieu
Applied Physics Letters 122 (6), 061601, 2023
Interaction of Ti and Cr atoms with point defects in bcc vanadium: A DFT study
AO Boev, DA Aksyonov, AI Kartamyshev, VN Maksimenko, IV Nelasov, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 492, 14-21, 2017
Ab initio-based prediction and TEM study of silicide precipitation in titanium
DO Poletaev, AG Lipnitskii, AI Kartamyshev, DA Aksyonov, ES Tkachev, ...
Computational Materials Science 95, 456-463, 2014
Rashba-type spin splitting and transport properties of novel Janus XWGeN 2 (X= O, S, Se, Te) monolayers
TV Vu, HV Phuc, CV Nguyen, VTT Vi, AI Kartamyshev, NN Hieu
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24 (27), 16512-16521, 2022
Structural, elastic, and electronic properties of chemically functionalized boron phosphide monolayer
TV Vu, AI Kartamyshev, NV Hieu, TDH Dang, SN Nguyen, NA Poklonski, ...
RSC Advances 11 (15), 8552-8558, 2021
Development of an interatomic potential for titanium with high predictive accuracy of thermal properties up to melting point
AI Kartamyshev, AG Lipnitskii, VN Saveliev, VN Maksimenko, IV Nelasov, ...
Computational Materials Science 160, 30-41, 2019
Novel Janus GaInX 3 (X= S, Se, Te) single-layers: first-principles prediction on structural, electronic, and transport properties
TV Vu, NN Hieu, AA Lavrentyev, OY Khyzhun, CV Lanh, AI Kartamyshev, ...
RSC advances 12 (13), 7973-7979, 2022
Prediction of the diffusion characteristics of the V-Cr system by molecular dynamics based on N-body interatomic potentials
VN Maksimenko, AG Lipnitskii, VN Saveliev, IV Nelasov, AI Kartamyshev
Computational Materials Science 198, 110648, 2021
Outstanding elastic, electronic, transport and optical properties of a novel layered material C 4 F 2: first-principles study
TV Vu, HV Phuc, S Ahmad, VQ Nha, C Van Lanh, DP Rai, AI Kartamyshev, ...
RSC Advances 11 (38), 23280-23287, 2021
First principles analysis of the half-metallic ferromagnetism, elastic and thermodynamic properties of equiatomic quaternary Heusler compound CoCrRhSi
DM Hoat, DQ Hoang, NTT Binh, M Naseri, JF Rivas-Silva, AI Kartamyshev, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 257, 123695, 2021
Angular dependent interatomic potential for Ti–V system for molecular dynamics simulations
AI Kartamyshev, AG Lipnitskii, AO Boev, IV Nelasov, VN Maksimenko, ...
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 28 (5), 055010, 2020
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Excess Vacancy Evolution in V and V-4Ti
A Boev, I Nelasov, V Maksimenko, A Lipnitskii, V Saveliev, A Kartamyshev
Defect and Diffusion Forum 375, 153-166, 2017
The interaction between light impurities and vacancies in titanium and aluminum metals: A DFT study
AI Kartamyshev, DD Vo, AG Lipnitskii
St. Petersburg Polytechnical University Journal: Physics and Mathematics 2 …, 2016
First-principles calculations to investigate electronic properties of ZnO/PtSSe van der Waals heterostructure: Effects of vertical strain and electric field
AI Kartamyshev, TV Vu, S Ahmad, S Al-Qaisi, TDH Dang, NLT Dang, ...
Chemical Physics 551, 111333, 2021
Mexican-hat dispersions and high carrier mobility of γ-SnX (X= O, S, Se, Te) single-layers: a first-principles investigation
VV Tuan, AA Lavrentyev, OY Khyzhun, NTT Binh, NV Hieu, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24 (47), 29064-29073, 2022
P-substitution effects on the electronic structure and thermal properties of the half-metallic half-Heusler NaCrBi compound
DM Hoat, M Naseri, R Ponce-Pérez, JF Rivas-Silva, AI Kartamyshev, ...
Chemical Physics 537, 110848, 2020
The N-body interatomic potential for molecular dynamics simulations of diffusion in tungsten
VN Maksimenko, AG Lipnitskii, AI Kartamyshev, DO Poletaev, YR Kolobov
Computational Materials Science 202, 110962, 2022
Structural, electronic, and transport properties of Janus GaInX 2 (X= S, Se, Te) monolayers: first-principles study
TV Vu, TPT Linh, HV Phuc, CA Duque, AI Kartamyshev, NN Hieu
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 34 (4), 045501, 2021
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