Xiangqun Zeng
Xiangqun Zeng
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Nonlabeled quartz crystal microbalance biosensor for bacterial detection using carbohydrate and lectin recognitions
Z Shen, M Huang, C Xiao, Y Zhang, X Zeng, PG Wang
Analytical chemistry 79 (6), 2312-2319, 2007
Carbohydrate− protein interactions by “clicked” carbohydrate self-assembled monolayers
Y Zhang, S Luo, Y Tang, L Yu, KY Hou, JP Cheng, X Zeng, PG Wang
Analytical Chemistry 78 (6), 2001-2008, 2006
Layer-by-layer assembly of chemical reduced graphene and carbon nanotubes for sensitive electrochemical immunoassay
Y Liu, Y Liu, H Feng, Y Wu, L Joshi, X Zeng, J Li
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 35 (1), 63-68, 2012
Surface plasmon resonance: an introduction to a surface spectroscopy technique
Y Tang, X Zeng, J Liang
Journal of chemical education 87 (7), 742-746, 2010
Ionic liquid high-temperature gas sensor array
X Jin, L Yu, D Garcia, RX Ren, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 78 (19), 6980-6989, 2006
Carbohydrate–protein interactions and their biosensing applications
X Zeng, CAS Andrade, MDL Oliveira, XL Sun
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 402 (10), 3161-3176, 2012
Single chain fragment variable recombinant antibody functionalized gold nanoparticles for a highly sensitive colorimetric immunoassay
Y Liu, Y Liu, RL Mernaugh, X Zeng
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 24 (9), 2853-2857, 2009
Recombinant antibodies and their use in biosensors
X Zeng, Z Shen, R Mernaugh
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 402 (10), 3027-3038, 2012
Ionic liquids as green solvents and electrolytes for robust chemical sensor development
A Rehman, X Zeng
Accounts of chemical research 45 (10), 1667-1677, 2012
Single-chain fragment variable antibody piezoimmunosensors
Z Shen, GA Stryker, RL Mernaugh, L Yu, H Yan, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 77 (3), 797-805, 2005
Ionic liquids as electrolytes for the development of a robust amperometric oxygen sensor
Z Wang, P Lin, GA Baker, J Stetter, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 83 (18), 7066-7073, 2011
Engineering peptide linkers for scFv immunosensors
Z Shen, H Yan, Y Zhang, RL Mernaugh, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 80 (6), 1910-1917, 2008
Nonregeneration protocol for surface plasmon resonance: study of high-affinity interaction with high-density biosensors
Y Tang, R Mernaugh, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 78 (6), 1841-1848, 2006
Multichannel monolithic quartz crystal microbalance gas sensor array
X Jin, Y Huang, A Mason, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 81 (2), 595-603, 2009
Methods and approaches of utilizing ionic liquids as gas sensing materials
A Rehman, X Zeng
RSC advances 5 (72), 58371-58392, 2015
Impedimetric biosensor based on self-assembled hybrid cystein-gold nanoparticles and CramoLL lectin for bacterial lipopolysaccharide recognition
MDL Oliveira, CAS Andrade, MTS Correia, LCBB Coelho, PR Singh, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 362 (1), 194-201, 2011
Studying the interaction of α-gal carbohydrate antigen and proteins by quartz-crystal microbalance
Y Zhang, V Telyatnikov, M Sathe, X Zeng, PG Wang
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (31), 9292-9293, 2003
Glycosylation of Quinone-Fused Polythiophene for Reagentless and Label-Free Detection of E. coli
F Ma, A Rehman, H Liu, J Zhang, S Zhu, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 87 (3), 1560-1568, 2015
Engineered recombinant single-chain fragment variable antibody for immunosensors
Z Shen, RL Mernaugh, H Yan, L Yu, Y Zhang, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 77 (21), 6834-6842, 2005
Differential solute gas response in ionic-liquid-based QCM arrays: elucidating design factors responsible for discriminative explosive gas sensing
A Rehman, A Hamilton, A Chung, GA Baker, Z Wang, X Zeng
Analytical chemistry 83 (20), 7823-7833, 2011
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