Probst Anne
Probst Anne
CNRS Emeritus Research Director, Toulouse University
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Metal contamination of soils and crops affected by the Chenzhou lead/zinc mine spill (Hunan, China)
H Liu, A Probst, B Liao
Science of the total environment 339 (1-3), 153-166, 2005
Heavy metal distribution in some French forest soils: evidence for atmospheric contamination
L Hernandez, A Probst, JL Probst, E Ulrich
Science of the Total Environment 312 (1-3), 195-219, 2003
REE fractionation during granite weathering and removal by waters and suspended loads: Sr and Nd isotopic evidence
D Aubert, P Stille, A Probst
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 65 (3), 387-406, 2001
Hydrograph separation using isotopic, chemical and hydrological approaches (Strengbach catchment, France)
B Ladouche, A Probst, D Viville, S Idir, D Baqué, M Loubet, JL Probst, ...
Journal of hydrology 242 (3-4), 255-274, 2001
Impact of nitrogen fertlizers on carbonate dissolution in small agricultural catchments: implications for weathering CO2 uptake at regional and global scales
AS Perrin, A Probst, JL Probst
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (13), 3105-3123, 2008
Early stage litter decomposition across biomes
I Djukic, S Kepfer-Rojas, IK Schmidt, KS Larsen, C Beier, B Berg, ...
Science of the total environment 628, 1369-1394, 2018
Trace elements in stream bed sediments from agricultural catchments (Gascogne region, SW France): Where do they come from?
YM N'guessan, JL Probst, T Bur, A Probst
Science of the total environment 407 (8), 2939-2952, 2009
Modelling weathering processes at the catchment scale: The WITCH numerical model
Y Goddéris, LM François, A Probst, J Schott, D Moncoulon, D Labat, ...
Geochimica et cosmochimica acta 70 (5), 1128-1147, 2006
Strontium as a tracer of weathering processes in a silicate catchment polluted by acid atmospheric inputs, Strengbach, France
A Probst, A El Gh'Mari, D Aubert, B Fritz, R McNutt
Chemical Geology 170 (1-4), 203-219, 2000
OZCAR: The French network of critical zone observatories
J Gaillardet, I Braud, F Hankard, S Anquetin, O Bour, N Dorfliger, ...
Vadose Zone Journal 17 (1), 1-24, 2018
Applications of stable water and carbon isotopes in watershed research: Weathering, carbon cycling, and water balances
P Schulte, R van Geldern, H Freitag, A Karim, P Négrel, E Petelet-Giraud, ...
Earth-Science Reviews, 2011
δ13C pattern of dissolved inorganic carbon in a small granitic catchment: the Strengbach case study (Vosges mountains, France)
P Amiotte-Suchet, D Aubert, JL Probst, F Gauthier-Lafaye, A Probst, ...
Chemical Geology 159 (1-4), 129-145, 1999
Influence of acid atmospheric inputs on surface water chemistry and mineral fluxes in a declining spruce stand within a small granitic catchment (Vosges Massif, France)
A Probst, E Dambrine, D Viville, B Fritz
Journal of Hydrology 116, 101-124, 1990
Contamination of surface waters by mining wastes in the Milluni Valley (Cordillera Real, Bolivia): Mineralogical and hydrological influences
MM Salvarredy-Aranguren, A Probst, M Roulet, MP Isaure
Applied Geochemistry 23 (5), 1299-1324, 2008
Characterization and migration of atmospheric REE in soils and surface waters
D Aubert, P Stille, A Probst, F Gauthier-Lafaye, L Pourcelot
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An overview of atmospheric deposition chemistry over the Alps: present status and long-term trends
M Rogora, R Mosello, S Arisci, MC Brizzio, A Barbieri, R Balestrini, ...
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Understanding nitrogen transfer dynamics in a small agricultural catchment: comparison of a distributed (TNT2) and a semi distributed (SWAT) modelling approaches
S Ferrant, F Oehler, P Durand, L Ruiz, J Salmon-Monviola, E Justes, ...
Journal of Hydrology, 2011
Interception in a mountainous declining spruce stand in the Strengbach catchment (Vosges, France)
D Viville, P Biron, A Granier, E Dambrine, A Probst
Journal of Hydrology 144 (1-4), 273-282, 1993
Distribution and origin of major and trace elements (particularly REE, U and Th) into labile and residual phases in an acid soil profile (Vosges Mountains, France)
D Aubert, A Probst, P Stille
Applied geochemistry 19 (6), 899-916, 2004
Response of Vicia faba L. to metal toxicity on mine tailing substrate: Geochemical and morphological changes in leaf and root
A Probst, H Liu, M Fanjul, B Liao, E Hollande
Environmental and Experimental Botany 66 (2), 297-308, 2009
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