Kenta Takata
Kenta Takata
NTT Basic Research Laboratories
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Network of time-multiplexed optical parametric oscillators as a coherent Ising machine
A Marandi, Z Wang, K Takata, RL Byer, Y Yamamoto
Nature Photonics 8 (12), 937-942, 2014
Mapping of Ising models onto injection-locked laser systems
S Utsunomiya, K Takata, Y Yamamoto
Optics Express 19 (19), 18091-18108, 2011
Nearly non-magnetic valence band of the ferromagnetic semiconductor GaMnAs
S Ohya, K Takata, M Tanaka
Nature Physics 7 (4), 342-347, 2011
Photonic Topological Insulating Phase Induced Solely by Gain and Loss
K Takata, M Notomi
Physical Review Letters 121 (21), 213902, 2018
Active topological photonics
Y Ota, K Takata, T Ozawa, A Amo, Z Jia, B Kante, M Notomi, Y Arakawa, ...
Nanophotonics 9 (3), 547-567, 2020
A 16-bit Coherent Ising Machine for One-Dimensional Ring and Cubic Graph Problems
K Takata, A Marandi, R Hamerly, Y Haribara, D Maruo, S Tamate, ...
Scientific Reports 6, 34089, 2016
Quantum correlation in degenerate optical parametric oscillators with mutual injections
K Takata, A Marandi, Y Yamamoto
Physical Review A 92 (4), 043821, 2015
Transient time of an Ising machine based on injection-locked laser network
K Takata, S Utsunomiya, Y Yamamoto
New Journal of Physics 14 (1), 013052, 2012
Valence-band structure of ferromagnetic semiconductor (In, Ga, Mn) As
S Ohya, I Muneta, Y Xin, K Takata, M Tanaka
Physical Review B 86 (9), 094418, 2012
Coherent control of high efficiency metasurface beam deflectors with a back partial reflector
S Kita, K Takata, M Ono, K Nozaki, E Kuramochi, K Takeda, M Notomi
APL Photonics 2 (4), 046104, 2017
Ising model quantum computation device and Ising model quantum computation method
Y Yamamoto, S Utsunomiya, K Takata, K Yan
US Patent 9,411,026, 2016
Binary phase oscillation of two mutually coupled semiconductor lasers
S Utsunomiya, N Namekata, K Takata, D Akamatsu, S Inoue, Y Yamamoto
Optics express 23 (5), 6029-6040, 2015
Data search by a coherent Ising machine based on an injection-locked laser network with gradual pumping or coupling
K Takata, Y Yamamoto
Physical Review A 89, 032319, 2014
PT-Symmetric Coupled-Resonator Waveguide Based on Buried Heterostructure Nanocavities
K Takata, M Notomi
Physical Review Applied 7 (5), 054023, 2017
Quantum computing vs. coherent computing
Y Yamamoto, K Takata, S Utsunomiya
New Generation Computing 30 (4), 327-356, 2012
Ultrashort low-loss Ψ gates for linear optical logic on Si photonics platform
S Kita, K Nozaki, K Takata, A Shinya, M Notomi
Communications Physics 3 (1), 33, 2020
Comment on" Reconciling results of tunnelling experiments on (Ga, Mn) As" arXiv: 1102.3267 v2 by Dietl and Sztenkiel
S Ohya, K Takata, I Muneta, PN Hai, M Tanaka
arXiv preprint arXiv:1102.4459, 2011
Observing exceptional point degeneracy of radiation with electrically pumped photonic crystal coupled-nanocavity lasers
K Takata, K Nozaki, E Kuramochi, S Matsuo, K Takeda, T Fujii, S Kita, ...
Optica 8 (2), 184-192, 2021
Silicon linear optical logic gates for low-latency computing
S Kita, K Nozaki, K Takata, A Shinya, M Notomi
CLEO: Science and Innovations, SF1A. 2, 2018
Quantum computer and quantum computing using ising model
S Utsunomiya, K Takata, Y Yamamoto, K Wen
US Patent 9,342,792, 2016
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