Joseph Brill
Joseph Brill
Professor of Physics, University of Kentucky
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Phase transitions in LaFeAsO: Structural, magnetic, elastic, and transport properties, heat capacity and Mössbauer spectra
MA McGuire, AD Christianson, AS Sefat, BC Sales, MD Lumsden, R Jin, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 78 (9), 094517, 2008
Heat Conduction in the Vortex State of : Evidence for Multiband Superconductivity
E Boaknin, MA Tanatar, J Paglione, D Hawthorn, F Ronning, RW Hill, ...
Physical Review Letters 90 (11), 117003, 2003
An organic mixed ion–electron conductor for power electronics
A Malti, J Edberg, H Granberg, ZU Khan, JW Andreasen, X Liu, D Zhao, ...
Advanced science 3 (2), 2016
Polymer gels with tunable ionic Seebeck coefficient for ultra-sensitive printed thermopiles
D Zhao, A Martinelli, A Willfahrt, T Fischer, D Bernin, ZU Khan, M Shahi, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1093, 2019
Conductivity anisotropy and transverse magnetoresistance of Nb
NP Ong, JW Brill
Physical Review B 18 (10), 5265, 1978
Muon-Spin Rotation Measurements of the Magnetic Field Dependence of the Vortex-Core Radius and Magnetic Penetration Depth in
JE Sonier, RF Kiefl, JH Brewer, J Chakhalian, SR Dunsiger, ...
Physical review letters 79 (9), 1742, 1997
Impurity effect on the Fröhlich conductivity in Nb
JW Brill, NP Ong, JC Eckert, JW Savage, SK Khanna, RB Somoano
Physical Review B 23 (4), 1517, 1981
Tuning electronic structure via epitaxial strain in Sr2IrO4 thin films
J Nichols, J Terzic, EG Bittle, OB Korneta, LE De Long, JW Brill, G Cao, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (14), 2013
A free‐standing high‐output power density thermoelectric device based on structure‐ordered PEDOT: PSS
Z Li, H Sun, CL Hsiao, Y Yao, Y Xiao, M Shahi, Y Jin, A Cruce, X Liu, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 4 (2), 1700496, 2018
Competing ground states in triple-layered Sr 4 Ru 3 O 10: Verging on itinerant ferromagnetism with critical fluctuations
G Cao, L Balicas, WH Song, YP Sun, Y Xin, VA Bondarenko, JW Brill, ...
Physical Review B 68 (17), 174409, 2003
Compressive strain-induced metal–insulator transition in orthorhombic SrIrO3 thin films
JH Gruenewald, J Nichols, J Terzic, G Cao, JW Brill, SSA Seo
Journal of Materials Research 29 (21), 2491-2496, 2014
Ionic thermoelectric paper
F Jiao, A Naderi, D Zhao, J Schlueter, M Shahi, J Sundström, H Granberg, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (32), 16883-16888, 2017
Effect of Impurities on the Anomalous Transport Properties of Nb
NP Ong, JW Brill, JC Eckert, JW Savage, SK Khanna, RB Somoano
Physical Review Letters 42 (12), 811, 1979
Low Field Anomaly in the Specific Heat of -Wave Superconductors due to the Expansion of the Vortex Cores
JE Sonier, MF Hundley, JD Thompson, JW Brill
Physical review letters 82 (24), 4914, 1999
Electric Field Dependence of Elastic Properties of Ta S 3
JW Brill, W Roark
Physical review letters 53 (8), 846, 1984
Transport and elastic anomalies in ZrTe3
S Takahashi, T Sambongi, JW Brill, W Roark
Solid state communications 49 (11), 1031-1034, 1984
Shear modulus of Ta S 3
XD Xiang, JW Brill
Physical Review B 36 (5), 2969, 1987
Thermodynamics of the charge-density-wave transition in blue bronze
JW Brill, M Chung, YK Kuo, X Zhan, E Figueroa, G Mozurkewich
Physical review letters 74 (7), 1182, 1995
Stress dependence of the charge-density-wave transitions in Nb Se 3 and Ta S 3
RS Lear, MJ Skove, EP Stillwell, JW Brill
Physical Review B 29 (10), 5656, 1984
Probing localization effects in Li 0.9 Mo 6 O 17 purple bronze: An optical-properties investigation
J Choi, JL Musfeldt, J He, R Jin, JR Thompson, D Mandrus, XN Lin, ...
Physical Review B 69 (8), 085120, 2004
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