Wen ShuHao 温书豪
Wen ShuHao 温书豪
MIT, MA(2013-); UCR,CA(2010-2013); DICP, China(2004-2010)
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Superhydrophobic conjugated microporous polymers for separation and adsorption
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Boron Carbides as Efficient, Metal‐Free, Visible‐Light‐Responsive Photocatalysts
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Simulation of hole mobility in α-oligofuran crystals
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Preparation of poly (acrylic acid)–graphite oxide superabsorbent nanocomposites
ZQ Zhu, HX Sun, XJ Qin, L Jiang, CJ Pei, L Wang, YQ Zeng, SH Wen, ...
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Aryl/hetero-arylethyne bridged dyes: the effect of planar π-bridge on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
JL Song, P Amaladass, SH Wen, KK Pasunooti, A Li, YL Yu, X Wang, ...
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Endohedral BN Metallofullerene M@B36N36 Complex As Promising Hydrogen Storage Materials
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First‐Principles Investigation of the Electronic and Conducting Properties of Oligothienoacenes and their Derivatives
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Prediction and Calculation of Crystal Structures, 59-93, 2013
Band gap narrowing of TiO2 by compensated codoping for enhanced photocatalytic activity
J Huang, S Wen, J Liu, G He
Journal of natural gas chemistry 21 (3), 302-307, 2012
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