Jeanini Jiusti
Jeanini Jiusti
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
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Waste-containing clinkers: Valorization of alternative mineral sources from pulp and paper mills
L Simão, J Jiusti, NJ Lóh, D Hotza, F Raupp-Pereira, JA Labrincha, ...
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 109, 106-116, 2017
Effect of temperature and holding time on the densification of alumina obtained by two-step sintering
NJ Lóh, L Simão, J Jiusti, A De Noni Jr, ORK Montedo
Ceramics International 43 (11), 8269-8275, 2017
Ballistic performance of Al2O3 mosaic armors with gap-filling materials
J Jiusti, EH Kammer, L Neckel, NJ Lóh, W Trindade, AO Silva, ...
Ceramics International 43 (2), 2697-2704, 2017
Effect of kaolinite, illite and talc on the processing properties and mullite content of porcelain stoneware tiles
D Magagnin, CMF dos Santos, A Wanderlind, J Jiusti, A De Noni Jr
Materials Science and Engineering: A 618, 533-539, 2014
Viscosity and liquidus‐based predictor of glass‐forming ability of oxide glasses
J Jiusti, ED Zanotto, DR Cassar, MRB Andreeta
Journal of the american ceramic society 103 (2), 921-932, 2020
Which glass stability parameters can assess the glass‐forming ability of oxide systems?
J Jiusti, DR Cassar, ED Zanotto
International Journal of Applied Glass Science 11 (4), 612-621, 2020
Densified alumina obtained by two-step sintering: Impact of the microstructure on mechanical properties
NJ Lóh, L Simão, J Jiusti, S Arcaro, F Raupp-Pereira, A De Noni Jr, ...
Ceramics International 46 (8), 12740-12743, 2020
Use of mechanically-activated kaolin to replace ball clay in engobe for a ceramic tile
E Becker, J Jiusti, FD Minatto, DGG Delavi, ORK Montedo, A Noni Jr
Cerâmica 63 (367), 295-302, 2017
Production and characterization of high-reactivity metakaolins calcined in flash reactor
JM Inocente, F Elyseu, LJJ Nieves, J Jiusti, M Cargnin, M Peterson
Applied Clay Science 213, 106247, 2021
Long-term stability of laser-induced defects in (fluoride-) phosphate glasses doped with W, Mo, Ta, Nb and Zr ions
D Möncke, J Jiusti, LD Silva, ACM Rodrigues
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 498, 401-414, 2018
Effect of network formers and modifiers on the crystallization resistance of oxide glasses
HI Jeanini Jiusti, Edgar D.Zanotto, Steve A. Feller, Hayley J. Austin, Hanna ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 550, 120359, 2020
Sintering and crystallization of plates prepared from coarse glass ceramic frits
JH Piva, A Wanderlind, J Just, ORK Montedo, ADN Junior
Ceramics International 39 (8), 9137-9144, 2013
Glass hardness: Predicting composition and load effects via symbolic reasoning-informed machine learning
S Mannan, M Zaki, S Bishnoi, DR Cassar, J Jiusti, JCF Faria, ...
Acta Materialia 255, 119046, 2023
Microstructural development and electrical behavior during crystalization of iron-rich glass-ceramics obtained from mill scale
ORK Montedo, CA Faller, FM Bertan, J Jiusti, RH Piva, DH Piva
Ceramics International 43 (15), 11864-11873, 2017
Structural refinement by the Rietveld method on clinkers obtained from waste from pulp and paper mills
L Simão, J Jiusti, NJ Lóh, D Hotza, F Raupp-Pereira, JA Labrincha, ...
Materials science forum 912, 175-179, 2018
Effect of the crystalline layer on the electrical behaviour of 17.7 Li2O· 5.2 ZrO2· 68.1 SiO2· 9.0 Al2O3 glass ceramic monoliths
ORK Montedo, RB Nuernberg, RH Piva, J Jiusti, S Arcaro, DH Piva
Ceramics International 47 (15), 21358-21366, 2021
Precipitation of cerianite crystals and its effect on the rheology of a simplified nuclear glass melt
J Jiusti, E Regnier, NM Machado, ML Ghazzai, V Malivert, M Neyret, ...
International Journal of Applied Glass Science 14 (4), 502-521, 2023
Quartz quantification in porcelain stoneware tile formulations by differential scanning calorimetry
CP Santos, JMM Silva, CM de Oliveira, J Jiusti, ORK Montedo, ...
Thermochimica Acta 705, 179050, 2021
Estabilidade e habilidade de formação de vidros óxidos
J Jiusti
Universidade Federal de São Carlos, 2020
Crystallization and rheological study of a Nd-oxyapatite-bearing melt
J Jiusti, E Regnier, V Malivert, M Neyret, L Ghazzai, E Brackx, E Sauvage, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 628, 122847, 2024
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