Hanyu Gao
Hanyu Gao
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A robotic platform for flow synthesis of organic compounds informed by AI planning
CW Coley, DA Thomas III, JAM Lummiss, JN Jaworski, CP Breen, ...
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Using Machine Learning To Predict Suitable Conditions for Organic Reactions
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Automated chemical reaction extraction from scientific literature
J Guo, AS Ibanez-Lopez, H Gao, V Quach, CW Coley, KF Jensen, ...
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Acceleration of kinetic Monte Carlo method for the simulation of free radical copolymerization through scaling
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Towards efficient discovery of green synthetic pathways with Monte Carlo tree search and reinforcement learning
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Machine learning for design principles for single atom catalysts towards electrochemical reactions
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On the modeling of number and weight average molecular weight of polymers
H Gao, IA Konstantinov, SG Arturo, LJ Broadbelt
Chemical Engineering Journal 327, 906-913, 2017
Design of copolymers based on sequence distribution for a targeted molecular weight and conversion
VR Regatte, H Gao, IA Konstantinov, SG Arturo, LJ Broadbelt
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Acceleration of kinetic monte carlo simulations of free radical copolymerization: A hybrid approach with scaling
H Gao, LJ Broadbelt, IA Konstantinov, SG Arturo
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Application and comparison of derivative-free optimization algorithms to control and optimize free radical polymerization simulated using the kinetic Monte Carlo method
H Gao, A Waechter, IA Konstantinov, SG Arturo, LJ Broadbelt
Computers & Chemical Engineering 108, 268-275, 2018
Artificial Intelligence for Computer-Aided Synthesis In Flow: Analysis and Selection of Reaction Components
PP Plehiers, CW Coley, H Gao, FH Vermeire, MR Dobbelaere, ...
Frontiers in Chemical Engineering 2, 5, 2020
Machine learning and data science in chemical engineering
H Gao, LT Zhu, ZH Luo, MA Fraga, IM Hsing
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 61 (24), 8357-8358, 2022
Correction to automated chemical reaction extraction from scientific literature
J Guo, AS Ibanez-Lopez, H Gao, V Quach, CW Coley, KF Jensen, ...
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 61 (8), 4124-4124, 2021
Combining retrosynthesis and mixed-integer optimization for minimizing the chemical inventory needed to realize a WHO essential medicines list
H Gao, CW Coley, TJ Struble, L Li, Y Qian, WH Green, KF Jensen
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 5 (2), 367-376, 2020
Machine learning and molecular fingerprint screening of high-performance 2D/3D MOF membranes for Kr/Xe separation
Q Huang, X Yuan, L Li, Y Yan, X Yang, W Wang, Y Chen, H Liang, H Gao, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 280, 119031, 2023
A Combined Computational and Experimental Study of Copolymerization Propagation Kinetics for 1‐Ethylcyclopentyl methacrylate and Methyl methacrylate
G Zhang, L Zhang, H Gao, IA Konstantinov, SG Arturo, D Yu, ...
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations 25 (3), 263-273, 2016
Effect of SiO2 nano-interphase on the water absorption mechanism of natural fiber reinforced composites: A multi-scale study
X Liu, Y Fang, H Gao
Applied Surface Science 637, 157942, 2023
Direct optimization across computer-generated reaction networks balances materials use and feasibility of synthesis plans for molecule libraries
H Gao, J Pauphilet, TJ Struble, CW Coley, KF Jensen
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 61 (1), 493-504, 2020
Science 365, eaax1566 (2019)
CW Coley, DA Thomas, JAM Lummiss, JN Jaworski, CP Breen, V Schultz, ...
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Modeling and optimization of a two-stage MOF-based pressure/vacuum swing adsorption process coupled with material selection
K Leperi, H Gao, RQ Snurr, F You
Chemical Engineering Transactions 39 (Special Issue), 277-282, 2014
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