Pavel S Chelushkin
Pavel S Chelushkin
Saint-Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry
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Polyion complex nanomaterials from block polyelectrolyte micelles and linear polyelectrolytes of opposite charge: 1. Solution behavior
PS Chelushkin, EA Lysenko, TK Bronich, A Eisenberg, VA Kabanov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (29), 8419-8425, 2007
VEGF-and VEGFR2-targeted liposomes for cisplatin delivery to glioma cells
SA Shein, II Kuznetsov, TO Abakumova, PS Chelushkin, PA Melnikov, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 13 (11), 3712-3723, 2016
Polyion complex nanomaterials from block polyelectrolyte micelles and linear polyelectrolytes of opposite charge. 2. Dynamic properties
PS Chelushkin, EA Lysenko, TK Bronich, A Eisenberg, VA Kabanov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (26), 7732-7738, 2008
Formation of multilayer polyelectrolyte complexes by using block ionomer micelles as nucleating particles
EA Lysenko, PS Chelushkin, TK Bronich, A Eisenberg, VA Kabanov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (33), 12352-12359, 2004
Water-soluble cyclometalated platinum (II) and iridium (III) complexes: Synthesis, tuning of the photophysical properties, and in vitro and in vivo phosphorescence lifetime imaging
AI Solomatina, SH Su, MM Lukina, VV Dudenkova, VI Shcheslavskiy, ...
RSC advances 8 (31), 17224-17236, 2018
Phosphorescent NIR emitters for biomedicine: Applications, advances and challenges
PS Chelushkin, JR Shakirova, IS Kritchenkov, VA Baigildin, SP Tunik
Dalton Transactions 51 (4), 1257-1280, 2022
Coordination to imidazole ring switches on phosphorescence of platinum cyclometalated complexes: the route to selective labeling of peptides and proteins via histidine residues
AI Solomatina, PS Chelushkin, DV Krupenya, IS Podkorytov, ...
Bioconjugate Chemistry 28 (2), 426-437, 2017
Reactions of Cyclometalated Platinum(II) [Pt(NC)(PR3)Cl] Complexes with Imidazole and Imidazole-Containing Biomolecules: Fine-Tuning of Reactivity and …
AI Solomatina, PS Chelushkin, TO Abakumova, VA Zhemkov, M Kim, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 58 (1), 204-217, 2018
Dynamic properties of block ionomer complexes with polyion complex cores
Y Li, TK Bronich, PS Chelushkin, AV Kabanov
Macromolecules 41 (15), 5863-5868, 2008
Phosphorescence lifetime imaging (PLIM): State of the art and perspectives
PS Chelushkin, SP Tunik
Progress in Photon Science: Recent Advances, 109-128, 2019
A biocompatible phosphorescent Ir (iii) oxygen sensor functionalized with oligo (ethylene glycol) groups: Synthesis, photophysics and application in PLIM experiments
IS Kritchenkov, AA Elistratova, VV Sokolov, PS Chelushkin, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (25), 10459-10471, 2020
Near-Infrared [Ir(NC)2(NN)]+ Emitters and Their Noncovalent Adducts with Human Serum Albumin: Synthesis and Photophysical and Computational Study
IS Kritchenkov, PS Chelushkin, VV Sokolov, VV Pavlovskiy, VV Porsev, ...
Organometallics 38 (19), 3740-3751, 2019
Water-soluble noncovalent adducts of the heterometallic copper subgroup complexes and human serum albumin with remarkable luminescent properties
PS Chelushkin, DV Krupenya, YJ Tseng, TY Kuo, PT Chou, IO Koshevoy, ...
Chemical Communications 50 (7), 849-851, 2013
Lipophilic phosphorescent gold (I) clusters as selective probes for visualization of lipid droplets by two-photon microscopy
EI Koshel, PS Chelushkin, AS Melnikov, PY Serdobintsev, AY Stolbovaia, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 332, 122-130, 2017
Connexin 43‐targeted T1 contrast agent for MRI diagnosis of glioma
T Abakumova, M Abakumov, S Shein, P Chelushkin, D Bychkov, ...
Contrast media & molecular imaging 11 (1), 15-23, 2016
Eu-based phosphorescence lifetime polymer nanothermometer: a nanoemulsion polymerization approach to eliminate quenching of Eu emission in aqueous media
JR Shakirova, NN Shevchenko, VA Baigildin, PS Chelushkin, ...
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2 (2), 537-547, 2019
Polymer micelles with hydrophobic core and ionic amphiphilic corona. 1. statistical distribution of charged and nonpolar units in corona
EA Lysenko, AI Kulebyakina, PS Chelushkin, AM Rumyantsev, ...
Langmuir 28 (49), 17108-17117, 2012
Convenient method of peptide hydrazide synthesis using a new hydrazone resin
PS Chelushkin, KV Polyanichko, MV Leko, MY Dorosh, T Bruckdorfer, ...
Tetrahedron Letters 56 (4), 619-622, 2015
Novel doxorubicin derivatives: synthesis and cytotoxicity study in 2D and 3D in vitro models
R Akasov, M Drozdova, D Zaytseva-Zotova, M Leko, P Chelushkin, ...
Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin 7 (4), 593, 2017
How to avoid protein aggregation to improve cellular uptake of albumin-based conjugates: Towards the rational design of cell-penetrable phosphorescent probes
AI Solomatina, VA Baigildin, DD Zhukovsky, DV Krupenya, EI Koshel, ...
Colloid and Polymer Science 297, 325-337, 2019
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