Daniel A. Hashimoto, MD MS
Daniel A. Hashimoto, MD MS
Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
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Artificial intelligence in surgery: promises and perils
DA Hashimoto, G Rosman, D Rus, OR Meireles
Annals of surgery 268 (1), 70-76, 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Anesthesiology: Current Techniques, Clinical Applications, and Limitations
DA Hashimoto, E Witkowski, L Gao, O Meireles, G Rosman
Anesthesiology, 2019
Computer vision analysis of intraoperative video: automated recognition of operative steps in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
DA Hashimoto, G Rosman, ER Witkowski, C Stafford, ...
Annals of surgery 270 (3), 414-421, 2019
Machine learning for surgical phase recognition: a systematic review
CR Garrow, KF Kowalewski, L Li, M Wagner, MW Schmidt, S Engelhardt, ...
Annals of surgery 273 (4), 684-693, 2021
Surgical data science–from concepts toward clinical translation
L Maier-Hein, M Eisenmann, D Sarikaya, K März, T Collins, A Malpani, ...
Medical image analysis 76, 102306, 2022
EAES and SAGES 2018 consensus conference on acute diverticulitis management: evidence-based recommendations for clinical practice
NK Francis, P Sylla, M Abou-Khalil, S Arolfo, D Berler, NJ Curtis, ...
Surgical endoscopy 33, 2726-2741, 2019
Artificial intelligence for intraoperative guidance: using semantic segmentation to identify surgical anatomy during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
A Madani, B Namazi, MS Altieri, DA Hashimoto, AM Rivera, PH Pucher, ...
Annals of surgery 276 (2), 363-369, 2022
Common limitations of image processing metrics: A picture story
A Reinke, MD Tizabi, CH Sudre, M Eisenmann, T Rädsch, M Baumgartner, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.05642, 2021
Metrics reloaded: Pitfalls and recommendations for image analysis validation
L Maier-Hein, B Menze
arXiv. org, 2022
Association of burnout with emotional intelligence and personality in surgical residents: can we predict who is most at risk?
B Lindeman, E Petrusa, S McKinley, DA Hashimoto, D Gee, DS Smink, ...
Journal of surgical education 74 (6), e22-e30, 2017
Computer vision in surgery
TM Ward, P Mascagni, Y Ban, G Rosman, N Padoy, O Meireles, ...
Surgery 169 (5), 1253-1256, 2021
Systematic review of learning curves in robot-assisted surgery
NA Soomro, DA Hashimoto, AJ Porteous, CJA Ridley, WJ Marsh, R Ditto, ...
BJS open 4 (1), 27-44, 2020
See more, do more, teach more: surgical resident autonomy and the transition to independent practice
DA Hashimoto, WE Bynum IV, KD Lillemoe, AK Sachdeva
Academic Medicine 91 (6), 757-760, 2016
The missing link: connection is the key to resilience in medical education
KM McKenna, DA Hashimoto, MS Maguire, WE Bynum IV
Academic Medicine 91 (9), 1197-1199, 2016
Deliberate practice enhances quality of laparoscopic surgical performance in a randomized controlled trial: from arrested development to expert performance
DA Hashimoto, P Sirimanna, ED Gomez, L Beyer-Berjot, KA Ericsson, ...
Surgical endoscopy 29, 3154-3162, 2015
A blinded assessment of video quality in wearable technology for telementoring in open surgery: the Google Glass experience
DA Hashimoto, R Phitayakorn, C Fernandez-del Castillo, O Meireles
Surgical endoscopy 30, 372-378, 2016
Machine learning and coresets for automated real-time video segmentation of laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgery
M Volkov, DA Hashimoto, G Rosman, OR Meireles, D Rus
2017 IEEE international conference on robotics and automation (ICRA), 754-759, 2017
The role of artificial intelligence in surgery
DA Hashimoto, TM Ward, OR Meireles
Advances in Surgery 54, 89-101, 2020
A virtual reality training curriculum for laparoscopic colorectal surgery
L Beyer-Berjot, S Berdah, DA Hashimoto, A Darzi, R Aggarwal
Journal of surgical education 73 (6), 932-941, 2016
Comparative outcomes of resident vs attending performed surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis
N D’Souza, DA Hashimoto, K Gurusamy, R Aggarwal
Journal of surgical education 73 (3), 391-399, 2016
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