Vladislav Serov
Vladislav Serov
Department of Theoretical Physics, Saratov State University
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Wave-packet-evolution approach for single and double ionization of two-electron systems by fast electrons
VV Serov, VL Derbov, BB Joulakian, SI Vinitsky
Physical Review A 75 (1), 012715, 2007
POTHMF: A program for computing potential curves and matrix elements of the coupled adiabatic radial equations for a hydrogen-like atom in a homogeneous magnetic field
O Chuluunbaatar, AA Gusev, VP Gerdt, VA Rostovtsev, SI Vinitsky, ...
Computer Physics Communications 178 (4), 301-330, 2008
Interpretation of time delay in the ionization of two-center systems
VV Serov, VL Derbov, TA Sergeeva
Physical Review A 87 (6), 063414, 2013
Interpretation of the time delay in the ionization of Coulomb and two-center systems
VV Serov, VL Derbov, TA Sergeeva
arXiv preprint arXiv:1304.2686, 2013
Calculation of a hydrogen atom photoionization in a strong magnetic field by using the angular oblate spheroidal functions
O Chuluunbaatar, AA Gusev, VL Derbov, MS Kaschiev, LA Melnikov, ...
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 40 (38), 11485, 2007
(e, 2 e) ionization of H 2+ by fast electron impact: Application of the exact nonrelativistic two-center continuum wave
VV Serov, BB Joulakian, DV Pavlov, IV Puzynin, SI Vinitsky
Physical Review A 65 (6), 062708, 2002
Wave-packet evolution approach to ionization of the hydrogen molecular ion by fast electrons
VV Serov, VL Derbov, BB Joulakian, SI Vinitsky
Physical Review A 63 (6), 062711, 2001
Attosecond Molecular Angular Streaking with All-Ionic Fragments Detection
W Quan, VV Serov, MZ Wei, M Zhao, Y Zhou, YL Wang, XY Lai, ...
Physical Review Letters 123 (22), 223204, 2019
Imaging the square of the correlated two-electron wave function of a hydrogen molecule
M Waitz, RY Bello, D Metz, J Lower, F Trinter, C Schober, M Keiling, ...
Nature Communications 8 (1), 2266, 2017
Implementation of the external complex scaling method in spheroidal coordinates: Impact ionization of molecular hydrogen
VV Serov, BB Joulakian
Physical Review A 80 (6), 062713, 2009
Attosecond time-delay spectroscopy of the hydrogen molecule
IA Ivanov, AS Kheifets, VV Serov
Physical Review A 86 (6), 063422, 2012
Numerical attoclock on atomic and molecular hydrogen
VV Serov, AW Bray, AS Kheifets
Physical Review A 99 (6), 063428, 2019
Adiabatic description of nonspherical quantum dot models
AA Gusev, O Chuluunbaatar, SI Vinitsky, KG Dvoyan, EM Kazaryan, ...
Physics of Atomic Nuclei 75 (10), 1210-1226, 2012
Symbolic-numeric algorithms for computer analysis of spheroidal quantum dot models
A Gusev, O Chuluunbaatar, V Gerdt, V Rostovtsev, S Vinitsky, V Derbov, ...
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, 106-122, 2010
Ionization excitation of diatomic systems having two active electrons by fast electron impact: a probe to electron correlation
VV Serov, BB Joulakian, VL Derbov, SI Vinitsky
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 38 (15), 2765, 2005
Adaptive numerical methods for time-dependent Schrodinger equation in atomic and laser physics
VL Derbov, MS Kaschiev, VV Serov, AA Gusev, SI Vinitsky
Saratov Fall Meeting 2002 Laser Physics and Photonics, Spectroscopy, and …, 2003
Hybrid surface-flux method for extraction of the ionization amplitude from the calculated wave function
VV Serov, VL Derbov, TA Sergeeva, SI Vinitsky
Physical Review A 88 (4), 043403, 2013
Time delay in XUV/IR photoionization of HO
VV Serov, AS Kheifets
arXiv preprint arXiv:1706.05948, 2017
p-H symmetry breaking in dissociative photoionization of H 2 due to the molecular ion interacting with the ejected electron
VV Serov, AS Kheifets
Physical Review A 89 (3), 031402, 2014
Photoionization and recombination of a hydrogen atom in a magnetic field
O Chuluunbaatar, AA Gusev, SI Vinitsky, VL Derbov, LA Melnikov, ...
Physical Review A 77 (3), 034702, 2008
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