Florin Dinu
Florin Dinu
Senior Researcher Huawei Research Center Munich ; PhD RiceU 2013, former post-doc at EPFL
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Hawk: Hybrid Datacenter Scheduling
P Delgado, F Dinu, AM Kermarrec, W Zwaenepoel
Usenix ATC 2015 - 2015 Usenix Annual Technical Conference, 2015
SILK+ Preventing Latency Spikes in Log-Structured Merge Key-Value Stores Running Heterogeneous Workloads
O Balmau, F Dinu, W Zwaenepoel, K Gupta, R Chandhiramoorthi, ...
(Best paper award) Usenix ATC 2019 and TOCS 2020, 2020
The preliminary design and implementation of the maestro network control platform
Z Cai, F Dinu, J Zheng, AL Cox, TSE Ng
Rice University Technical Report TR08-13, 2008
Job-aware Scheduling in Eagle: Divide and Stick to Your Probes
P Delgado, D Didona, F Dinu, W Zwaenepoel
SoCC 2016 - the 7th ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing, 497-509, 2016
Understanding the Effects and Implications of Compute Node Related Failures in Hadoop
F Dinu, TSE Ng
(Best presentation award) HPDC 2012 - the 21st International ACM Symposium …, 2012
Kairos: Preemptive Data Center Scheduler Without Runtime Estimates
P Delgado, D Didona, F Dinu, W Zwaenepoel
SoCC 2018 - the 9th ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing, 2018
Rhea: automatic filtering for unstructured cloud storage
C Gkantsidis, D Vytiniotis, O Hodson, D Narayanan, F Dinu, A Rowstron
NSDI 2013 - the 10th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and …, 2013
Don't cry over spilled records: Memory elasticity of data-parallel applications and its application to cluster scheduling
C Iorgulescu, F Dinu, A Raza, WU Hassan, W Zwaenepoel
Usenix ATC 2017 - 2017 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, 97-109, 2017
RCMP: Enabling Efficient Recomputation Based Failure Resilience for Big Data Analytics
F Dinu, TSE Ng
IPDPS 2014 - 28th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium, 2014
Hadoop’s overload tolerant design exacerbates failure detection and recovery
F Dinu, TSE Ng
NetDB Workshop 2011, 2011
Pfimbi: Accelerating Big Data Jobs Through Flow-Controlled Data Replication
S Dzinamarira, F Dinu, TSE Ng
MSST 2016 - 32nd International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and …, 2016
Ignem: Upward Migration of Cold Data in Big Data File Systems
S Dzinamarira, F Dinu, TSE Ng
ICDCS 2018 - the 8th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing …, 2018
Synergy2Cloud: Introducing Cross-Sharing of Application Experiences Into the Cloud Management Cycle
F Dinu, TSE Ng
HotICE 2012 Workshop, 2012
On the Application Level Impact of SSD Performance Anomalies
MF Borge, F Dinu, W Zwaenepoel
ISPASS 2020 - IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of …, 2020
Inferring a network congestion map with zero traffic overhead
F Dinu, TSE Ng
ICNP 2011 - the 19th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols, 69-78, 2011
CONTRACT: Incorporating Coordination into the IP Network Control Plane
Z Cai, F Dinu, J Zheng, AL Cox, TSE Ng
ICDCS 2010 - the 30th International Conference on Distributed Computing …, 2010
Gleaning network wide congestion information from packet markings
F Dinu
Master of Science Thesis, Rice University, 2009
The Next 700 Heterogeneous OLAP Systems: A Framework to Answer What-if Design Questions
F Faghih, Z István, F Dinu
Poster @ Eurosys 2023, 2023
A Short Study of Recent Smart Storage Solutions for OLAP: Lessons and Opportunities
F Faghih, Z István, F Dinu
ADMS Workshop @ VLDB 2022, 2022
DYRS: Bandwidth-Aware Disk-to-Memory Migration of Cold Data in Big-Data File Systems
S Dzinamarira, F Dinu, TSE Ng
IPDPS 2019 - the 33rd IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing …, 2019
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