.(Mohamed Qawaqzeh (  M. Z. Qawaqzeh, Qawaqzeh Mohamed, М. З. Х. Кавакзех, МО Зайдан
.(Mohamed Qawaqzeh ( M. Z. Qawaqzeh, Qawaqzeh Mohamed, М. З. Х. Кавакзех, МО Зайдан
Associate professor - Al-Balqa Applied University
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High-voltage DC converter for solar power station
LZ Mohamed Qawaqzeh, Roman Zaitsev, Oleksandr Miroshnyk, Mykhailo Kirichenko ...
International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems (IJPEDS) 11 (4 …, 2020
Methodology for accounting for the influence of dust cover on the performance of a photovoltaic system for Matlab Simulink
A Khasawneh, M Qawaqzeh, O Miroshnyk, D Danylchenko, K Minakova, ...
2021 IEEE International Conference on Modern Electrical and Energy Systems …, 2021
Modelling of a household electricity supply system based on a wind power plant
MO QAWAQZEH Mohamed Zaidan, SZAFRANIEC Andrzej, HALKO Serhii
Correct cross-section of cable screen in a medium voltage collector network with isolated neutral of a wind power plant
HA Al_Issa, M Qawaqzeh, A Khasawneh, R Buinyi, V Bezruchko, ...
Energies 14 (11), 3026, 2021
The assess reduction of the expected energy not-supplied to consumers in medium voltage distribution systems after installing a sectionalizer in optimal place
M Qawaqzeh, HA Al_Issa, R Buinyi, V Bezruchko, I Dikhtyaruk, ...
Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks 34, 101035, 2023
The Assessment of the Electrohydraulic Complex Power Controllability in the Event of an Emergency Shutdown of the Power Supply
T Korenkova, V Kovalchuk, MZ Qawaqzeh
2020 IEEE Problems of Automated Electrodrive. Theory and Practice (PAEP), 1-6, 2020
Identification of distribution features of the instantaneous power components of the electric energy of the circuit with polyharmonic current
MZ Mohamed Zaidan Qawaqzeh, Olexii Bialobrzheskyi
Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2 (8), 6-13, 2019
Assessment of the Effect of Corona Discharge on Synchronous Generator Self-Excitation
HA Al_Issa, M Drechny, I Trrad, M Qawaqzeh, V Kuchanskyy, ...
Energies 15 (6), 2024, 2022
Mathematical modelling of cogeneration photoelectric module parameters for hybrid solar charging power stations of electric vehicles
S Halko, K Halko, O Suprun, M Qawaqzeh, O Miroshnyk
2022 IEEE 3rd KhPI Week on Advanced Technology (KhPIWeek), 1-6, 2022
Optimal Determination Method of the Transposition Steps of An Extra-High Voltage Power Transmission Line
A Khasawneh, M Qawaqzeh, V Kuchanskyy, O Rubanenko, O Miroshnyk, ...
Energies 14 (20), 6791, 2021
Investigation of Smart Grid Operation Modes with Electrical Energy Storage System
O Miroshnyk, O Moroz, T Shchur, A Chepizhnyi, M Qawaqzeh, S Kocira
Energies 16 (6), 2638, 2023
Research of emergency modes of wind power plants using computer simulation
MZ Qawaqzeh, O Miroshnyk, T Shchur, R Kasner, A Idzikowski, ...
Energies 14 (16), 4780, 2021
Analysis of the electromagnetic field of an induction motor with broken rotor bars
Z Romashykhina, A Kalinov, MZ Qawaqzeh
2017 International Conference on Modern Electrical and Energy Systems (MEES …, 2017
Monitoring of power transformers using thermal model and permission time of overload
HA Al_Issa, M Qawaqzeh, S Kurashkin, S Halko, S Kvitka
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 12 (3), 2323, 2022
Valve Control System Using Fuzzy Logic
MZ Qawaqzeh, YK Ibrahim
British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science 14 (4), 1-7, 2016
Implementation & Comparative Analysis of 10, 18 & 24 Level Diode Clamped Inverters Using “Trust Region Dog Leg” Method
H Ali, MZH Qawaqzeh, M Abbas, T Al Smadi
Circuits and Systems 6 (03), 70-80, 2015
Design and computation of a suspended magnetic separator for processing metallurgic slag
QM Zaidan
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 96 (4), 67-72, 2020
Calculation of the consequences of a decrease in the power factor level in rural electrical networks supplying municipal and household electrical consumers
M Qawaqzeh, O Sotnik, O Miroshnyk, S Halko, O Sotnik, Y Khandola
2022 IEEE 4th International Conference on Modern Electrical and Energy …, 2022
Development of algorithm for the operation of a combined power supply system with renewable sources
M Qawaqzeh, S Dudnikov, O Miroshnyk, O Moroz, O Savchenko, ...
2022 IEEE 3rd KhPI Week on Advanced Technology (KhPIWeek), 1-4, 2022
Analysis of the energy balance of the local energy supply system based on the bioenergy complex
Q Mohamed, A Lazurenko, A Miroshnyk, S Dudnikov, A Savchenko, ...
2020 IEEE 7th International Conference on Energy Smart Systems (ESS), 134-138, 2020
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